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My name is Mariana Gama and I have been capturing the beauty and magic of weddings and couples since 2015.

I approach each event with a gentle and elegant touch to create a collection of timeless, candid, natural and unique shots that perfectly capture the essence of your special day.

Trust me to preserve these cherished moments for you to relive and cherish for a lifetime.

Let's start planning your dream wedding photo shoot today!

Timeless, Documental, Editorial

Lisbon based

Wedding Photographer

As a professional wedding and lifestyle photographer, I specialize in capturing the beauty and joy of

~ Destination weddings, elopements, surprise engagements, love session ~

Allow me to document every precious moment of your special day, so you can relive the memories and share them with your loved ones for years to come. Contact me today to start planning your dream photo shoot!

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Mariana Gama

Portugal Wedding Photographer

Documentary & Editorial Style


Lisbon wedding photographer

Analogic + Digital

Combining the timeless charm of analog photography with the precision of digital techniques to create truly unique wedding memories.

This blend of timeless film textures and modern clarity ensures your wedding day is captured with unparalleled depth and beauty.

Your wedding photos will be a distinctive mix of classic elegance and contemporary sophistication, preserving your special moments in the most extraordinary way.

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Meet the Photographer

Mariana Gama and I am a wedding photographer based in the beautiful city of Lisbon, Portugal.

My goal is to tell your unique love story through beautiful, timeless images that you will treasure for a lifetime.
I am honored to have been recognized as an award-winning photographer and to have been featured in prestigious magazines and blogs across the globe. Let me capture the connection and love between you and your partner on your wedding day. Contact me today to start planning your dream photo shoot!

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Alisha & Rachid

Mariana is brilliant !!! My photos are dreamy gorgeous and she is so easy to work with ! Absolutely and totally recommending her for anyone who wants a brilliant treasure trove of memories

As seen in

Photography with Soul and Elegance

Artistic Vision to create works of art, not only photos | Vintage soul adds timeless charm | Attention to Detail | Every moment, captured with care | Your Day, Your Way to adapt to your style and vision | Preserving Memories | Your love story, preserved for eternity.

Why Mariana Gama Photography...

Choosing the right wedding photographer is an essential part of your special day. 

Mariana Gama Photography, a renowned name in Lisbon and across Portugal, combines the art of documentary and editorial photography to capture the essence of every wedding uniquely. 

This blend ensures that each moment, from the unscripted tears and laughter to the styled portraits, is immortalized with elegance and authenticity.

As a luxury photographer in Portugal and a sought-after Europe wedding photographer, Mariana Gama understands the importance of storytelling through images. 

Her documentary style captures the raw, genuine emotions and the fleeting, candid moments that make your day uniquely yours. 

Meanwhile, her editorial approach adds a layer of sophistication and artistry, ensuring that every shot is not just a photograph but a piece of timeless art.

For couples looking for a wedding photographer in Lisbon or anywhere across Portugal and Europe, Mariana Gama offers an experience that goes beyond traditional photography. 

Her keen eye for detail and her ability to weave love stories into visual narratives make her the perfect choice for those who seek a blend of authenticity and refined beauty in their wedding photos.

Let Mariana Gama Photography guide you through your day, ensuring that every cherished moment is captured with the depth and beauty it deserves.

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